Harmony and Joy: Women Arising for Destiny's Heartwarming Christmas Gathering 2023

Women Arising for Destiny (WAFD) is set to host a heartwarming Christmas gathering on December 16, 2023. WAFD’s Christmas gathering is a celebration of the holiday season and a testament to the unity and strength of the organization. By blending entertainment, reflection, and community engagement, this event promises to be a memorable and meaningful occasion for all who attend, fostering a sense of connection and shared purpose among the Women Arising for Destiny community.
The evening will kick off with a showcase of year-end progress videos, providing a visual journey through WAFD’s impactful initiatives and accomplishments throughout the year. These videos will highlight the organization’s achievements and serve as a source of inspiration for attendees.
WAFD will offer a glimpse into the future with previews of upcoming projects as the year approaches. This sneak peek aims to build excitement and anticipation for the organization’s ambitious plans for the coming year, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among attendees.

Festive Atmosphere
The program will feature traditional carol singing to infuse the gathering with the spirit of Christmas. Whether led by a choir or involving the participation of attendees, the carols will create a joyous ambiance, celebrating the season and the sense of community that WAFD has fostered.
In the true spirit of Christmas, a thoughtful sermon will be delivered, intertwining the holiday theme with the core values of WAFD. This segment aims to provide a moment of reflection, gratitude, and spiritual connection for everyone present.

Adding an element of fun and interaction, the event will host a quiz and raffle draw. Attendees can test their Christmas knowledge or luck, adding a lighthearted and engaging component to the evening’s festivities.
The event will culminate with a delightful dinner, allowing attendees to socialize, network, and share in the joy of the season. The venue will be adorned with festive decorations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Date

    16 December 2023

  • Time

    01:00 PM

  • Registration

    Free Registration

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