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Jacqueline Bhatti​

WAFD Founder

My name is Jacqueline Bhatti, I am married to Yousaf Nishan Masih, who is a Pastor and worked as a Registered Nurse. I have two beautiful daughters, Huma Christina Yousif and Nayab Jennifer. I was born and raised in Pakistan in a strong Christian family; I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ As my Savior in 1995. 1 worked as a Registered Nurse in Pakistan and Outside of Pakistan. It was the year 1998. God spoke to me to open a House of Prayer that is open 24 Hours every day, and it should be for all nationalities on the earth. I followed God and started working on this project That God gave me.
My husband and I were able to open a house of prayers in the city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan is a Muslim Country where Minorities are persecuted, and especially women, are worse treated; we opened a Big skill development Center for women where we teach them new skills, uplift them, and encourage them. It was also a center where they could come pray to gather and intercede and get to meet other like-minded women
Our family has always been active in Pakistan as a voice for minority rights. One sad day in the morning of 2011, my Brother Shahbaz Bhatti, who was the first Christian Federal Minister of Pakistan for minorities, was assassinated by an Islamic Terrorist (Taliban). The Taliban wanted to kill my whole Family. With the help of the Canadian Government, we came to Canada in March to live in a safe place


Our Professional Team

After a long struggle and seeing women suffering from different problems, one day, God put in my heart to create a platform where women from all nations should feel comfort. Where they should feel they are in their own house. A house that can meet their spiritual, social, and physical needs. So, I created a group in April 2019: Women Arising for Destiny. I started with 6 ladies; now it is growing more and more. We are 120 ladies now from different countries.
So many came out from depression. So many got healed, and so many families were restored.
In Thailand, we supported so many persecuted ladies, and now we are raising funds for haling out on young 25-year-old girls from Thailand.
Our long-term plan is to empower women from all countries spiritually, physically, financially, and socially. Our group prays together for the sick and their other needs. God gives them healing. We meet on Zoom daily and pray from
9 pm-10 pm EST. We do conferences yearly. Our first conference was held in March 2019. We planned in March 2020, but due to COVID-19, we had to cancel it.
-Jacqueline Bhatti, Founder of Women Arising for Destiny

Our Vision

We Have Wider Vision

Our vision is to empower women around the world, making this world a peaceful and safe place where every woman on Earth can live long without fear of persecution, violence, and discrimination. We accomplish this through:


Skill Development

Exchanging Knowledge


Out of Depression

Healing Begins

Families Restored

Empowering women